And the Valentine Fairy Rests... THANK YOU!

I delivered the Haiti Jar to Dr. Randle, as well as a quilt for a child in Haiti, and some heart bags for he and his family to enjoy.
 Dear Blog,
Well we can finally say that the 2011 Hearts for Haiti project is over.  I was able to visit Dr. Randle at his office today at St. Marks Hospital.  He showed me a picture of his staff over in Haiti and the clinic they hope to build over there soon.  He said my money will go toward the funds for the clinic that will help people to get better from serious injuries.  

I am part of a club called "Liberty Girls" that learns together about being friendly, brave, and helpful.  There are six of us and we helped make the quilt that Dr. Randle is holding to give to a child over in Haiti.  Thanks for your help fellow Liberty Girls (and especially our leader Adrianne for her help)!  It was fun!

I want to say a HUGE "Thank you" to everyone who bought my heart-shaped bags and also gave me money for Haiti!!!  I was able to put $225.00 in the Haiti Jar after my costs were paid.  Because YOU were so generous... it made me want to be more generous.  I have some friends that have wanted to sell heart bags too... so next year I might want to set this up in different neighborhoods and even in other states, so we can give even more to Healing Hands for Haiti.


Love, Eliza (a.k.a. The Valentine Fairy)


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