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Order your Heart for Haiti Valentines now!

It took longer than we thought, but Smart Cookie ( of Utah) is giving us a discount on a variety of cookies to put in our bags this year!  We (mostly my mom) are very happy that professionals will be doing the baking. The flavor choices are: Mint Chocolate Fudge, White Chocolate Fudge and Double Chocolate Fudge.  There will be two cookies in each bag along with a couple of chocolates and my signature sparkle heart stick!  Each bag will have a tag that says "100% of profits go to Healing Hands for Haiti".  It feels really nice to think about people giving their loved ones a tasty Valentine and helping Dr. Randle build his clinics for people that have lost limbs in Haiti.  All orders have to be in by Wednesday, February 8th so we can pass on order numbers to Smart Cookie!  Oh! and we must share that the cost of the bags will be $2.50.  Thanks for reading! Love, The Valentine Fairy