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It Felt Right... February 2010

Eliza with Dr. Jeff Randle, founder and Chair of the Governance Committee for Healing Hands for Haiti ( February 2010) Friends, Carrie and Suzanna Miner, choosing their favorite bags for purchase for Valentine's gifts ( February 2010) In January 2010, I kept telling my mom I really, really wanted to have my own business.  She was hesitant because I wanted to have a store out of our house and she told me that wasn't possible.  I decided to make a pretend store called Valentines in my bedroom and then my mom and I decided I could make something for people to give as Valentine gifts.  As we talked, my mom explained that I would have to pay for the things that I sell, just like a real business.  We also talked about how neat it would be to help Haiti because they had just experienced a very destructive earthquake.  We had a friend who knew about a local organization called Healing Hands for Haiti where doctors volunteer and travel from America to Haiti to help people there