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And the Valentine Fairy Rests... THANK YOU!

 I delivered the Haiti Jar to Dr. Randle, as well as a quilt for a child in Haiti, and some heart bags for he and his family to enjoy.  Dear Blog, Well we can finally say that the 2011 Hearts for Haiti project is over.  I was able to visit Dr. Randle at his office today at St. Marks Hospital.  He showed me a picture of his staff over in Haiti and the clinic they hope to build over there soon.  He said my money will go toward the funds for the clinic that will help people to get better from serious injuries.   I am part of a club called "Liberty Girls" that learns together about being friendly, brave, and helpful.  There are six of us and we helped make the quilt that Dr. Randle is holding to give to a child over in Haiti.  Thanks for your help fellow Liberty Girls (and especially our leader Adrianne for her help)!  It was fun! I want to say a HUGE "Thank you" to everyone who bought my heart-shaped bags and also gave me money for Haiti!!!  I was able to pu

A LOT of work!!

Dear Blog, Well my mom and I are starting to recover from all that brownie making over Valentines week and there were some lessons learned!!  First, even though we experimented with recipes ahead of time it took 2 batches before we felt like the brownies were okay to sell.  Being a Baker is a lot of work and very tiring.  With all the mix-ups we made over 600 brownies and it took a lot of time.  There were 2 brownies for every bag, and every brownie took a lot of attention, so it was exhausting! The good part is that people get excited about helping others.  People want to help Haiti, but also love giving something to someone they love.  This was a lesson I learned last year, and it makes all of this work worth it. I am trying to set up a time to meet with Dr.Randle and give him the jar and I will take a picture and put it on here when I do. One of our customers called me "The Valentine Fairy", so that will be my new name because I really like that. Goodbye, The Val

Delivering the Bags

This is my friend McKinley and I getting ready to deliver bags around the neighborhood!

Bags for Sale!

Here is a picture of what the bags will look like. Dear Blog,       So we have finally made a decision!  We are offering these bags for $1.00/ per bag.  The purchaser can choose between 2 heart-shaped, homemade brownies either in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate.  There will also be some chocolate kisses in the bag.  Each bag will include a tag telling the recipient that there was a donation made to Healing Hands for Haiti with the purchase of the bag. All orders must be made no later than February 7, 2011 so that we have time to make all the brownies!  You can pick them up at our house between 1:00 and  9:00 p.m. February 11th and 12th.  ( unless you need them sooner, just let us know when you order) My mom just received an email from Dr. Randle ( the founder of Healing Hands for Haiti) that said, "Tell Eliza that Haiti still needs a lot of help."  He was in Haiti at an international board meeting. I am excited!  Happy Valentines Day everyone! Love, Captain Eliza

Healing Hands for Haiti Sent Me Some Pictures to Share!

One of the important things that Healing Hands for Haiti does is train Haitians to treat Orthopedic emergencies. HHH also builds prosthetic limbs and provides rehabilitation help.

Read Link Below... Some News about Healing Hands for Haiti!


These cookies are deep RED!! Dear Blog, So, we haven't started advertising my heart bags yet.  But!  My mom and I just bought a new heart pan thinking we might do heart shaped cookies or brownies this year instead of cakes.  We are experimenting with recipes... we'll see!  We just tried red coconut cookies with chocolate chips.  Yummy... but will people like RED?  I really like the dark chocolate brownies!  That's my choice so far. I cut out pink, red and purple paper hearts to decorate with.  I am excited and NERVOUS for the work ahead.   Love, Eliza Stewart (the captain :))

It Felt Right... February 2010

Eliza with Dr. Jeff Randle, founder and Chair of the Governance Committee for Healing Hands for Haiti ( February 2010) Friends, Carrie and Suzanna Miner, choosing their favorite bags for purchase for Valentine's gifts ( February 2010) In January 2010, I kept telling my mom I really, really wanted to have my own business.  She was hesitant because I wanted to have a store out of our house and she told me that wasn't possible.  I decided to make a pretend store called Valentines in my bedroom and then my mom and I decided I could make something for people to give as Valentine gifts.  As we talked, my mom explained that I would have to pay for the things that I sell, just like a real business.  We also talked about how neat it would be to help Haiti because they had just experienced a very destructive earthquake.  We had a friend who knew about a local organization called Healing Hands for Haiti where doctors volunteer and travel from America to Haiti to help people there