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My school is in!

I met with my school Principal Ms. Earnest and she was excited for Orion Junior High to help me raise money for Healing Hands for Haiti this Valentine's Day.  Jump ahead several steps and conversations later and we now have the help of a professional Marketing Director (courtesy of Dr. Randle).   KUTV News 2 has decided to do a feature story on Eliza's Hearts 4 Haiti in January.  It is so awesome to see how responsive everyone has been to help out... now if we can just figure out how to pull it all off.;) Ms. Earnest (Principal), Eliza, Ms. Haws (Vice Principal) 😅😅😅😅😅😅

An update from our 2016 season

An update from our 2016 season : Above are some pictures I forgot to post as I prepared the bags in February for delivery.  I finally was able to make the drive (with my mom) an hour away to give the money to Dr. Randle.  It is always so exciting for me to hand him the money.  It gives me a purpose for all the work that goes into it and knowing it is actually helping people in a very real way makes me feel so good.  I am hoping to involve my Junior High this year so I can hand over double or triple what I have been able to do on my own... excited to see if Elizas Hearts for Haiti can grow.  Looking forward to Valentines Day 2017!!

New Year, New Goal!

I am so excited to double the amount of donations for Healing Hands for Haiti this year!  Here is a picture of me with Dr. Randle and my friend Emma who helped me last year that I forgot to post.  I feel so grateful to be part of something bigger than myself that really makes a difference for others.  As I get older I hope to really develop this into a supportive fundraiser for Healing Hands for Haiti that will make a difference for the people there... not just for me and the opportunity I receive in doing it.  Dr. Randle even said I could accompany him to Haiti when I am 16 to actually visit and see the people and facilities I have heard so much about.  Following is a link to a video that highlights how Healing Hands for Haiti was started by Dr. Randle and how desperately Haiti needs the clinics' help. Happy Valentines Day 201 6 !