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Happy Valentines Day 2012!

Well, we did it!  We had only 4 days to market my Hearts for Haiti bags but we sold well over 200 bags which was our goal!  Many thanks to Smart Cookie who made delicious cookies to put into the bags.  I LOVE creating Valentines for people to give to people they love.  Even though it is really hard work for a couple of days, it just seems to have reward after reward.  Now I am getting all the money together and I will put it in my "Haiti Jar" that I bought for this year.  Hopefully in the next two days I can take the jar to Dr. Randle and he can give me an update on Healing Hands for Haiti. I know that we could raise so much more money than we do, so I will be thinking this next year about how to do that.  We will definitely need help because my mom and I are tired after making and delivering so many many bags... over 400 cookies!!  Thanks to everyone who supported us! Love, The Valentines Fairy ( a.k.a. Eliza)