These cookies are deep RED!!
Dear Blog,
So, we haven't started advertising my heart bags yet.  But!  My mom and I just bought a new heart pan thinking we might do heart shaped cookies or brownies this year instead of cakes.  We are experimenting with recipes... we'll see!  We just tried red coconut cookies with chocolate chips.  Yummy... but will people like RED?  I really like the dark chocolate brownies!  That's my choice so far.

I cut out pink, red and purple paper hearts to decorate with.  I am excited and NERVOUS for the work ahead.   Love, Eliza Stewart (the captain :))


  1. Hi Eliza,

    I love your website. It's sooooo colorful!

    Can I help by donating some money to buy ingredients for your hearts?


  2. Wow. Awesome blog page. I love what you did here. I am so proud of you and what you are doing. I would love to donate money or time to help you out. Let me know what I can do. You are so sweet and special.

    From jocie

  3. I think this is wonderful that you spend your own money and time to be so thoughtful. I am glad to say I know you


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